If you're looking for a relaxing setting for a meal or something on the run, Port Colborne restaurants offer just that. Some of the restaurants offer a cozy dinning room setting or you can eat outside on their patios, weather permitting. The menu's have something for everyone including a complete selection of steaks, chicken and pasta as well as a children's menu.  If you would like to call ahead to book a reservation, we have conveniently provided you with addresses and phone numbers.

 Port Colborne

At Twenty-Seven  
27 Main Street Port Colborne ON L3K 3T8
Phone: 905-835-2700

Country Store Kettle & Grill  
265 Main Street West Port Colborne ON L3K 3V5
Phone: 905-834-4444

Lotus Garden  
182 West Street Port Colborne ON L3K 4C9
Phone: 905-835-2552

Lucy's Cafe & Catering  
90 Nickel Street Port Colborne ON L3K 1B4
Phone: 905-834-7811

Mama Mia's Pasta Restaurant  
59 Clarence Street Port Colborne ON L3K 3G1
Phone: 905-835-9111

On the Waterfront  
3 Marina Road Port Colborne ON L3K 6C6
Phone: 905-835-9776

Primo's Retaurant  
225 Main Street West Port Colborne ON L3K 3V7
Phone: 905-835-8281

Sambo's Family Restaurant  
203 Main Street West Port Colborne ON L3K 3V7
Phone: 905-834-6093

San Marcos Retorante Inc.  
164 Clarence Street Port Colborne ON L3K 3G5
Phone: 905-834-1385

Tie Pink Restaurant  
17 Charlotte Street Port Colborne ON L3K 3C7
Phone: 905-835-8377

Union Jack Fish and Chips  
230 Main Street West Port Colborne ON L3K 3V5
Phone: 905-835-0900

Walter's & Neptunes Restaurant  
258 West Street Port Colborne ON L3K 4E4
Phone: 905-835-1791