Our Story

The Armstrong Funeral Home & Chapel has had the honour of serving families of Port Colborne and the surrounding area since 1950's. We know that planning a funeral, either in advance or at the time of loss of a loved one can be a very stressful and difficult experience. 
We have professional funeral directors and  support staff who care about individual family needs, focusing on better ways to serve you and your family. We are always looking for new ways to personalize your experience and build relationships to help comfort you at these difficult times.
We are proud supporters of the Port Colborne, Wainfleet, Sherkston and surrounding communities.
Armstrong Funeral Home & Chapel originally started its long time history as a funeral home/furniture store.  It was located on Main Street in Humbertone and was owned by Leo Wichman.  A new funeral home was then built at 803 King Street in 1948, and was sold to J.J. Patterson and Sons Funeral Residence (Welland) in the 1950's. It was operated by Mr. Patterson's nephew, Pat Korman and operated under the name Patterson and Korman.  The funeral residence was then sold to a Mr. Francis Patterson, another nephew to the Patterson Family, in 1969, who operated the funeral home as Patterson Funeral Home. In 1974, a gentleman by the name of Bill Armstrong purchased the funeral home and named it the Armstrong Funeral Home.  After a short period of ownership Bill then sold the funeral home to George Darte in 1977, and operated as Armstrong-Darte Funeral Home.  One year later in 1978, Bill Armstrong re-purchased the funeral home back from Mr. Darte and operated as Armstrong Funeral Home.
From this point on the Armstrong Funeral Home & Chapel would be a pillar name in the community.  Bill Armstrong purchased the Clarence Street business, formerly known as Edgeford Motors in 1982, re-designed and built the present facility and opened as Armstrong Funeral Home in February of 1983.  After years of work, Bill's brother, Bruce Armstrong, showed an interest in the business, and purchased the funeral home in 1987 along with two partners, Arbor Memorial Services Inc., and Dr. Peter Typer.  Bruce managed the funeral home for over 16 years before selling it to Ryan Torkos in June of 2003.
The Armstrong Funeral Home & Chapel is now a privately owned family business, owned by Ryan Torkos and his family; his wife April Torkos (nee Bosetti), his daughter Sydney and son Ethan, and continues to serve all faiths with kindness, dignity and respect.  We pride ourselves in having one of the nicest and largest establishments in the Niagara Region.  Our 12,000 square foot, one floor establishment offers easy accessibility for wheel chairs and all people, and offers large visitation rooms, a chapel with formal pews that seats 150 people and spacious hallways that provide comfort and accessibility.