During a time of mourning seniors groups can be helpful. You can be surrounded by people who understand what you are going through. They can also help with suggesting places to go to socialize and talk about your fond memories. Playing cards, and reading  are just some of the activities that are available through these groups. The Armstrong Funeral Home & Chapel Inc. has provided a list of seniors groups around the Port Colborne and surrounding area.  

We are fortunate to have an active number of groups focused on addressing the needs of seniors in the area. We respect that after loosing a parent or a spouse, a new level of care and concern arises for those left behind. Any of these groups can provide you advice on programs designed to help and provide the caring peace of mind that has made our area so special.

 Port Colborne

Centre Polyvalent des Aines Francophone  
184 MItchell Street Port Colborne L3K 1Y1
Phone: 905-834-0683
Website: http://www.centreainesfrancophones.org

Port Colborne Social & Recreation Centre for Senior Citizens  
554 FIelden Avenue Port Colborne ON L3K 4V1
Phone: 905-835-1731