The regular Grief Recovery Workshop sessions we offer through the Armstrong Funeral Home & Chapel are just one of the many support services offered in our area. Listed below are members in our area that are more specialized in nature and may be able to offer more fine tuned assistance

Loving Outreach

A support group for people who are living with the loss of a loved one through suicide.

Bereaved Families of Ontario

Grief support for parents coping with the loss of a child of all ages. Facilitated by a bereaved parent volunteer, the support group will provide an opportunity to share and share and gain support from others. The group will run one evening weekly for 2 hours for a total of 12-weeks. If interested please contact the office (905)318-0070.

Walk With Me

A parents bereavement group based on the premise "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow...don't walk behind me, I may not lead...just walk beside me, and be my friend (companion)".

Victim Services NIagara

Provides free, confidential support for individuals affected by crime, tragic circumstances and disaster.

Hospice Niagara 

Provides facilitated peer support  for the bereaved.

Wellspring Niagara Cancer Support Centre

Offer free support services for patients and caregivers.

Bereavement Ontario Network

This diverse group of organizations and individuals work throughout the province in the field of grief, loss and bereavement.

 There is a multitude of resources available in our area and these are just a few of the many organizations available to assist.  Please feel free to contact us when you are ready or if you need any assistance.